One or the name suggests That likes this Interior Style was born in southern France dalyje - Provence. And ing likes this interior popularity Were the top of the last century, tačiau today, a modern minimalist era, it has considerable buri fans around the world. Warmth, coziness and romance - These words best describe Provence, in the atmosphere creates cute little things, bright colors and of course the unique Provencal style furniture. Provence interior style - with character Provence-style interior can be safely described as having come from the past, in order to create this interior spirit often used in antique furniture, antique chandeliers and mirrors. Starting with Provencal furniture and ending with picture frames, mirrors with an array of antique frames and antique candlesticks - everything is created by human hands, to be in this small quantities produced and often When cases and the unit interior. Provence - French countryside style, which is characterized by local craftsmen furniture BRAIŽAS and handmade. Every detail, carving and wooden carved decoration was then tells the public life of the subtleties and steeped in history. MSDN files Especially appreciate those who Believe That Home furniture must not only be functional, building and creating a cozy home History. Provence-style interior primer Provencal furniture and natural tree one without the other. BUTENT furniture and this style is axis of rotation All other interior fittings. Furniture is somewhat complex and massive, whom a sense of softness and lightness gives handmade carvings, which is dominated by traditional French countryside motifs such as grapes, lavender, flowers and olive branches. Decorating furniture with various wood decors It should go easy. Much attention is paid to the topics of love - lovers snaps to the pond or under the trees, Swan Love rituals and so on. tačiau These images usually picnic on upholstered furniture, cushions or cloths. Provence-style interior must be bright, natural colors, very popular white, yellow, pink, lavender and terracotta color. The tokių Provencal style furniture in perfect harmony light tačiau roughly painted wall. True, the walls can be decorated and pablukusiais, floral wallpaper. MSDN files perfect choice for the bedroom walls. By the way, Bedroom Room visas attention is usually concentrated on the bed. The massive, broad, with a curtain - perfectly reflects Provencal style. Typical and just as important Provencal-style interior accents - ancient candlesticks, crocheted tablecloths and napkins, nublukinti, patterned carpets, Mirror massive frame. Incidentally, Provence interior use only natural materials - wood, stone, Linen, leather, cotton and silk. Provence-style interior be nice SMULKMENŲ lose part of his charisma. French likes souvenirs, THEREFORE Their house Their much as various small details - it can be decorative plates, vases, key, napkin holders, decorated with decoupage technique Suspension or jewelry boxes, picture frames, flower pots. Therefore, it is safe to display family photos with ornate frames, walls decorated with classic paintings, antique candlesticks, pottery, decorated with floral motifs, vases with live flowers or artificially. So, to create a cozy French countryside breathe the spirit of the interior, it is important not only Provencal furniture or wall color, it is necessary to insert and part of themselves.