What trends are leaving us?

1. Open layout
"Open floor plans give way to more segmented and traditional spaces, as we realize we need more privacy and quiet spaces." - Timothy Corrigan

2. Boucle
“White and cream. I think it is time to move on in two years. ”- Marcus Barwell

“Boucle chairs. I still love them, but there’s a point where that’s enough. ”- Danielle Colding

3. All white
"The trend, which I think is the way of the past, is when everything is completely white." - Justina Blakeney

“We’ll see more rich colors in the spaces and less everything white.” - Sarah Sherman Samuel

4. Non-functional decorative objects
"Colored candles and useful everyday items with a purpose will replace futile decorations that have neither meaning nor purpose." - Kathryn M. Ireland

5. Box sofas
"The square box sofa has really gone out of fashion," said Martin Lawrence Bullard

And what trends you will not miss?