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Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

WHITE AND SILVER - The most unisex of all “predominantly feminine” fragrances in an elegant and minimalist white & silver decorated packaging.

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Product: Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

*Privalomi laukai

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TOP NOTES: Pomegranate, Soursop, Passionfruit, Orange
HEART NOTES: Lychee, Redcurrant, Blackcurrant, Black Fig
BASE NOTES: Coconut, Peach, Strawberry, Quince, Plum

Created to inspire an ambient backdrop for any occasion, Castelbel diffusers have been carefully made to fragrance and personalise any room. Used at home or in the office, each different fragrance will stamp your personality on your environment.

By placing the rattan sticks into the liquid infusion the fragrance is drawn up and gently released throughout the room.

Oil-based, with added essential oils and no alcohol, evaporates slowly and lasts for much longer than other products in the market (3 to 6 months for 250mL bottles, and up to 1 year for 1L refills on the large diffuser bottle).

The stopper is made of cork, a natural material grown in Portugal.

250mL diffusers are perfect for perfuming bathrooms, bedrooms and small rooms. For wider areas, we recommend using the larger bottle with 1L refills.

Data sheet

  • Volume - 250ml
  • Scent - Black Fig and Pomegranate


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Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

Fragrance Diffuser "White and silver"

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