> Soap 150g "Lavanda"

Soap 150g "Lavanda"

Soap 150g "Lavanda"

Soap 150g "Lavanda"

LAVANDA - Both the colour and the unique fragrance of lavender flowers are captured by relaxing scent. De-stressing body and mind, this is a fragrant antidote to our fast paced world.



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Product: Soap 150g "Lavanda"

*Privalomi laukai

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  • Following a tradition of purity and excellence, Castelbel produces the finest soaps. By combining the most exquisite fragrances and selecting the best vegetable oils, our soaps are truly beneficial to the skin. Gently cleansing and luxuriously fragrancing the skin, Castelbel soaps are hand crafted and wrapped to ensure the highest quality and perfection.

  • - 100% vegetable base;

  • - Addition of shea butter to increase 
  • smoothness and moisturizing power; 
  • - Triple or quadruple milling (soap paste 
  • is laminated 3 or 4 times, eliminating 
  • any grain that might exist) to increase 
  • consistency and compactness, so that 
  • the soap doesn´t melt or crumble on 
  • the soap dish, even when in contact 
  • with water;
  • - Soft and creamy lather;
  • - Exclusive and high-quality fragrance, 
  • manufactured in Europe, which lasts 
  • throughout the entire soap life;
  • - There are no preservatives on 


Data sheet

  • Volume - 150g
  • Scent - Lavender


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Soap 150g "Lavanda"

Soap 150g "Lavanda"

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